Voluntary work

  • Semicycle – Venus Bathing

    Semicycle - Venus Bathing

  • Nymphaeum – southern facade

    Nymphaeum - southern facade

  • Galatea’s Fountain

    Galatea's Fountain

  • Mosaics - Camillo Procaccini

    Mosaics - Camillo Procaccini


Have you got some spare time? Would you like to do volutary work at Villa Litta?
The functionality and usability of this art, history and culture trove often dipends on the ethusiasm and dedication of the volunteers.
The activity that you can do at Villa Litta are various and interesting. You can contribute as a tour guide and as a fountain attendant, or stay at the reception and at the ticket office, do security and supervision, or entertain children and many other things.
Tell us in which sector you would like to operate, you will be called back to be acquainted with us!

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